Student Youth Debate Center

The purpose of the debate is to increase the knowledge and skills of student youth, to involve students in competitions and to represent ADAU at various competitions.

The discussion center helps students to get rid of complexes, through training and competitions, in addition to the development of public speaking skills and the development of leadership qualities.

The center organizes series of discussion trainings and a tournament for students, with the aim of improving skills, as well as applying the knowledge gained in practice.

The activities of the center include the following:
- train high-level intellectual youth;
- organization of intellectual contents and essay competitions;
- participate in competitions within the republic, expand activities with foreign teams;

Membership rules at the center of the debate.
Students of ADAU are interested in the Youth Student Debate Centre can apply.

Club of Agricultural Development Volunteers
"Volunteers of agricultural development" work in the State Centers of Agricultural Development (GCAR) of the Ministry of Agriculture in the regions, in the departments of the Ministry, research institutes and specialized laboratories. The purpose of the volunteers is to contribute to the sustainable development of the agricultural sector by forming a voluntary society working for the development of the agricultural sector, training specialized personel to work in this field in the future, promoting innovative technologies with the effective use of available resources.

The field of activity of the "Agricultural Development Volunteers" includes the introduction and promotion of e-agriculture, the use of new market tools, support for farmers in assessing the quality of land and participation in the application of innovative technologies.

In addition, it implements the projects "Specialized Agricultural Journalists", "from the audience to the field" and other projects aimed at increasing the potential of young specialists specializing in agriculture. To achieve an increase in soil fertility, the skills of proper use of fertilizers and the technology of using laboratories were instilled.

Club Membership Rules:
ADAU students who wish to work among the agricultural development volunteers, can apply.

Student Youth Debate CenterStudent Youth Debate CenterStudent Youth Debate CenterStudent Youth Debate Center
Student Youth Debate Center
Student Youth Debate Center
Student Youth Debate Center
Student Youth Debate Center
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