Admission rules for master degree

Rules of Admission to Master Programmes of Higher Education Institutions of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

Those who will be admitted to the MA program at ADAU from July 15 till July 25, 2022 should register on the web-site "". To do this, go to the main page, click "Registration", choose the service "Registration of students in higher and secondary special education institutions" and enter the necessary data by clicking on "Submit an application".

Note: Bachelors who are not registered on the “” website will be considered as not accepted to SEC (State Examination Center) and no admission order will be issued for them.

Documents required for registration of applicants who are admitted to ADAU on a state-ordered and paid basis:
1. Diploma Supplement and Diploma Supplement for graduates of previous years, certificate of graduation for current year graduates.
2. A copy of an ID card
3. Copy of military ID card or certificate of enlistment (for male students)
4. For fee-paying applicants, a receipt of payment of tuition fees (copy).
5. Relevant documents for applying for privileges (copy):

- Bachelors with IDP status:
- copy of ID card
- Copies of documents related to the status

- Bachelors deprived of parental care (one deceased, the other disabled in group one or two) or who have lost their parents:
- Copy of the identity card
- Certificate of medical and social expert commission
- Death certificate of the parents (parent)

- Bachelors with disabilities of the 1st and 2nd degrees
- certificate of medical and social expert commission on the existence of disability
- copy of an identity card

- Bachelors, who are children of disabled people in Karabakh (martyr’s families)
- Copy of the identity card
- Copies of documents relating to the status

Note: Bachelors entering on a fee basis are allowed to pay a minimum of 50% of their first year's tuition fee upon enrolment.

For more information you can contact the Education department., 022 2668357

Instructions for the admission of electronic documents for the Master's degree level of higher education

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