Policy of the Azerbaijan State Agricultural University in the field of quality, occupational safety and health

Our mission:

The university has global challenges, modern, innovative education and training infrastructure, training highly qualified specialists through education and research in the field of agriculture, and thus:

- To increase farmers' incomes
- To increase productivity in agriculture
- It tries to contribute to food security

Our strategic vision:

To become the university with the most modern and high-quality agricultural education and research that meets the requirements of the labor market in the region.

In order to achieve strategic goals, our university builds its current activities to fulfill the following goals:

- Improving the quality of education and training, continuous improvement of the teaching process;
- Focus on education and its development;
- Creating an environment for research that is creative, enterprising and meets international requirements;
- Increasing international competitiveness, ensuring the satisfaction of stakeholders;
- Digitization and application of innovative solutions;
- Ensuring a safe working environment and improving working conditions;
- Strengthening infrastructure and ensuring sustainability;
- Increasing social responsibility and public image.

The staff of the University is responsible for the quality of their work, and the top management is responsible for creating appropriate conditions for the implementation of the policy and providing the necessary resources.