The main goal of the quality assurance institutions of the Azerbaijan State Agricultural University is to support the achievement of the goals of the strategic plan adopted by the university. Taking into account the high level of material and technical base of the university, the main direction of activity is to improve the training of personnel meeting the requirements of modern times, including the quality of education and further development of the university's scientific research potential.


- To improve the position of the Azerbaijan State Agricultural University in the international rankings;
- To train the specialists who will meet the requirements of modern times;
- To attract high-potential staff to the university that meets modern standards;
- To achieve the quality of education;
- Support for the development of research work;
- To focus on student-centered learning;
- Support for the development of specialists within the university to meet modern standards;
- Support the formation of subject programs and syllabuses at the university in a way that meets modern standards;
- Support to improve the professional quality of lecturers;
- Support for the creation and improvement of electronic applications for teachers and students at the University;
- Support in the development of international exchange between universities based on international experience;
- Support to improve the quality of teaching and practical work;

Management of quality assurance within the university is carried out with the participation of all structural units of the university, including the Department of Quality Assurance and Strategic Development, as well as teachers, students and teaching staff, including employers, labor market representatives and other stakeholders. Each structural unit, faculty and students, as well as teaching staff perform their functions in quality assurance within the university within the obligations and responsibilities defined by normative documents and explained in the trainings. The university management does not spare moral and financial support for quality assurance within the university, including all departments, including the Department of Quality Assurance and Strategic Development. The Quality Assurance policy is regularly updated to keep up with trends, taking into account changes at the national and international levels.

The University creates a quality assurance system in accordance with the "Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area" (ESG) and the "International Organization for Standardization" (ISO) standards based on the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

According to the Quality Assurance Policy of the Azerbaijan State Agricultural University, educational programs are developed and updated in accordance with world standards, taking into account modern challenges and sustainable development. In general, the structural unit involved in this process, inspection and analysis of faculty and students, is regularly and systematically monitored by members of the Quality Assurance and Strategic Development Department and an independent Quality Assurance Council. One of the main goals of the student-oriented education system is to support the active participation of students in the teaching and management process, to develop their self-analytical and analytical thinking skills and to ensure the training of specialists in line with modern market requirements. As one of the requirements of student-centered education, student satisfaction surveys are conducted with the group's active students during the semester, and dozens of surveys are conducted regularly after graduation. Surveys help our graduates build careers in their field or other specialties, identify their strengths and weaknesses by the university, and support us in solving problems in the future. Recognizing that student assessment is an important issue, each teacher's syllabus is updated to ensure that the process is up-to-date, transparent, and objective, and that these syllabi are presented to students before class begins. In addition, students are given the right to participate in the process when compiling a syllabus, because we can assume the university as a company and the students like our client, if the student wants to see a topic in the syllabus that will develop him/her in the future, then the syllabus is changed. One of the policies pursued by our university in accordance with the requirements of student-centered education is the right of students to submit to the Appeals Commission any questions that fall outside the lecture materials or are incorrectly formulated.

One of the key activities of the University and the Department of Quality Assurance and Strategic Development is openness to the public and access to educational resources for everyone. The official website of the university (adau.edu.az) and the “ADAU official” page, which operates on social networks (facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube), actively updates all educational and social processes taking place at the university. The electronic library on the university's website has a wide range of opportunities for readers. At the same time, information and statistics on students who successfully completed their education during the academic year and their career indicators after graduation are reflected. The Regulation and Policy of the Department of Quality Assurance and Strategic Development of the University are posted on the official website of the Azerbaijan State Agricultural University. The self-analysis report, prepared jointly by the Quality Assurance and Strategic Development Department and the Quality Assurance Council, is posted on the official website of the university after approval by the management. With such events, the university is fully open to the public.

The policy was approved at the meeting of the Academic Council of the University on September 17, 2021 (protocol No. EŞ-01/5.4).