Since the ancient times in China and Japan people were engaged in raising quail but the domestication of these animals only started in XX century. Currently, japanese quails are the world’s widely spread ones. (Coturnikx japoniens) and the least spread one is faraon breed.

Quail is a small and quick growing bird. Live weight of big animals is 150-160 gram. Wight of females is 20-22% higher than the males and according to this feature it is easy to distinguish the females from males. A 10-12 gram quail gives 300-330 eggs throughout the year. They reach the pubescencein 40-45 days. It is resistant to bird deceases in comparison to other birds, and according to it eggs of quails is used in making vaccine and whey.  The extent of environmental pollution has made the emergence of various deceases between people.  Recent years, the number of allergic deceases has significantly increased. Most of the old people and 80% of children suffer from different allergic deceases. Doctors consider it the most valuable means against radioactive emanation and allergy.

Egg of quail is a very valuable and therapeutic significant means. There exist variety of vitamins, amino acid and microelements in it and there is no cholesterol. Quail demand for its products is growing every year. According to experts, the demand for eggs is more than 4 times.  If you use the eggs of these birds in your food ration, especially for children, it leads to dismissal of radioactive substances from our body. The meat of quail has a nature of diet.

Quails are divided according to the place they come from and color of their spots. Currently, there are Japanese England white, England black, American albinotic broiler, faraon breeds and other breed varieties.  Mentioned different breeds of birds are lines of Japanese quail.

It should be mentioned that, the need for quail meat has increased last years. Oil and cholesterol of quail is low and that’s the reason it is getting popularity between people. For this reason quail breeding center has been established at Azerbaijan State Agricultural University since 2015.  The goal of the establishment of the center is to give students the theoretical knowledge of quail breeding as well as providing them with the practical knowledge. Main direction of the center is breeding quails on intensive technology and getting best results in floor conditions using 3 staged cased batteries on quail breeding.