Scientific achievement

Huseynov Nizami
Topic: The effectiveness of usage of the natural mineral zeolite in combination with fertilizers in growing cotton in the Ganja-Gazakh zone.

Brief description: In the research for the first time determined effective norms of mineral fertilizers on zeolite and manure under cotton, increased the fertility of the soil, improved water-physical, physical-chemical properties, productivity and quality indicators of products on cultivated gray-brown (chestnut) soils.

Kazımov Nizami
Creation of initial materials and donors for practical selection using forms of hexaploid origin in cotton growing.

Brief description: For the first time in the direction of creating early ripening varieties with high-quality fiber, resistant to external influences - drought, heat, diseases and pests, which can meet the constantly growing demand for a long time and now hybrid forms of hexaploid origin are being produced, it was clarified that the resulting hybridizations of highly genomic cotton varieties were hybridized with cotton varieties belonging to type G hirsutum L, which allowed creating a rich parametric starting material for practical breeding.

Alakbarov Fariz
Influence of basic methods of soil treatment on its fertility and fertility in the three-crop rotation cotton-alfalfa-grain.

Short description: İt has been developed a soil cultivation system that has no analogues among the republics of the former Soviet Union and differs from short-field cotton crop rotations carried out in foreign countries (USA, India, Greece, Türkiye, etc.) - an intensive short-field triple crop rotation of cotton-alfalfa-grain which is suitable for this crop rotation, ensuring an increase in soil fertility, improving its water-physical properties and obtaining high stable yields from crops grown in a crop rotation.

Isayeva Dunya
Effective technology for the cultivation of winter barley in the Ganja-Gazakh zone.

Short description: For the first time in research have been determined the effective norms of sowing and fertilization methods to obtain high-quality and high-quality grain of winter barley Karabakh-22 on irrigated gray-brown (chestnut) soils. Under the influence of the methods of sowing and fertilization, the soil fertility, yield, quality indicators of the yield increased and the degree of use of fertilizers increased.

Elman Movsumov
Synthesis of biologically active substances, extraction from natural sources and application in agriculture.

Brief description: Study of newly synthesized metal complexes by physicochemical methods. The use of newly synthesized carboxylates of microelements in agriculture.

Kamandar Dashdamirov
Physiological and biochemical characteristics species of amaranth, introduced in Azerbaijan.

Brief description: Study of the growth and development of amaranth grown in Azerbaijan.
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