Additional education

Additional higher education is carried out in a paid form on the basis of individual contracts concluded between the university and citizens, as well as enterprises, organizations and institutions. Additional higher education is carried out on the basis of specially developed educational programs, taking into account the difference between the basic educational program of the student and the basic educational program of the new specialty with the inclusion of sections of general and special disciplines in the existing basic educational programs for the undergraduate level (and equivalent to it) in the respective specialty.

Persons who have received higher education in foreign countries after 1993 can repeatedly obtain higher education after the diplomas have been recognized by the Ministry of Education in accordance with the established procedure.

Applicants for additional higher education must submit the following documents:
- An application to the rector;
- A notarized copy of the diploma of higher education (together with the attachment to the diploma);
- Reference from workplace (if employed);
- 4 photos in size 3x4 cm;
- A copy of an ID card;
- Individual agreement on payment of tuition fees.

The tuition fee is paid for individual specialties.

Graduates of the current year may submit a temporary certificate of completion of higher education as a substitute for a diploma. Documents are accepted in person or online from June 10 to September 10 (except weekends). Tuition must be paid for individual specialties on a contract basis. Those who successfully complete the training are awarded the highest professional qualification degree of Bachelor and a diploma of higher education.

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