Plant physiology
Ecology (field of science)
Soil science
Land classification, land cadaster and monitoring
Agricultural engineering
General cropping
Land reclamation, reclamation and land protection
Agrosoil science and agrophysics
Selection and seed production
Plant protection
Plant growing
Fruit growing & viticulture
Vegetable growing
Forestry, forest structure and forest taxation
Forest agro-amelioration, establishment of protective forests and landscaping of settlements
Veterinary sciences (veterinary obstetrics and biotechnology of animal products)
Veterinary sciences (diagnosis and therapy of animal diseases, pathology and morphology of animals)
Veterinary sciences (veterinary microbiology, virology, epizootology, mycology and immunology with mycotoxicology)
Veterinary sciences (veterinary surgery)
Veterinary sciences (veterinary sanitation, zoohygiene and veterinary-sanitary examination)
Veterinary sciences (veterinary pharmacology and toxicology)
Breeding of agricultural animals, selection, genetics and reproduction
Special zoo technicsproduction technology livestock products
Food technologies
Pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy
General economics
Sectorial economy
Organization and management of enterprises
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