1. Foreign students (applicant) within 10 days from the date of entry into the country should be registered at the place of residence.

2. Foreign students must live at the address indicated in the passport.

3. Foreign students studying at the correspondence department, 2 times a year for 20 days during the examination session after must register within 3 days the date of entry.

4. In case of change of place of residence and registration foreign student must immediately inform the University and the State Migration Service.

5. In case of loss or any change of identification documents and authorize a foreign student card within 10 working days shall be given information of the State Migration Service and apply for re-registration and cancellation of licenses

6. During his studies, foreign students in full-time education can not work in any enterprise, otherwise, can be brought to administrative responsibility in accordance with applicable law.

7. The State Migration Service provides a temporary residence permit for foreign students after the appropriate letter to the Ministry of Education will be submitted to the State Migration Service.