Education-experimental farm were fully reconstructed in 2019. They cover 78.3 ha, including 42.51 ha under crops, 1.2 ha under gardens, 15.83 ha under pastures, 1.52 ha under grapes, 4.86 ha under forest, 3.62 ha under public buildings, 3.76 ha under streets and squares. There are 3500 m² of asphalted area, over 200 trees, and up to 150 flowers and a renovated administrative building in the area. The facilities have fruit and grapes garden, well-equipped outdoor, and indoor education areas.

Additionally, the sheep farm was fully renovated. The water supply system was a particular priority; 4 sub-artesian wells were completely restored, plus a 110t water reservoir was constructed. New slaughterhouse, including a laboratory, will be an essential asset in training veterinary specialists and zootechnicians.

In 2019 Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Inam Kerimov, paid two visits to the facilities, including the new livestock complex, slaughterhouse, indoor and outdoor education areas, discussed the current condition of the facilities and gave relevant instructions.