ADAU Innovation Center operates on the fourth floor of the Faculty of Engineering. Here are all the conditions for young people with startup ideas.

12  notebooks with high-speed internet access, printer, smart board and projector, as well as periodicals about innovation, entrepreneurship, start-ups and at the same time, soft furniture for the rest of the students is placed inside the center and in the corridor.

Here held regularly entrepreneurship, innovation, startups and more training sessions, discussions, roundtables and video meetings. The Center has so far applied four startups and has created conditions for incubation of these startups in the relevant directions.

These startups are:

1. Biobone

2. Green Doctor

3. E-vet

4. Agricultural registration

The center also provides facilities for the members of the "Startup Club". It should note that the center has affiliates in the faculties and has the opportunity to use all the material and technical base, laboratory and equipment required for residents.


Farrukh Rahimov - Chairman of the Student Scientific Society

Phone: + 994-55-604-40-67