Students study in English, Russian, and Azeri languages in Azerbaijan State Agricultural University. They are separated to the different language groups which students studied at secondary school as well taking into account their request. Nowadays our students learn in the groups of English, Russian and French. Language score which student got in the entrance exam is taken into consideration while groups are forming. Improving of the foreign language knowledge of students give a chance to participate in the international programs actively as well get successful career for the future.

Aim of improving the foreign language knowledge of students of university free courses are organized in every semester by instruction of Rector. More 500 students get language knowledge in more than 40 groups which are organized. Auditoriums supplying with linguaphone cabinets, computers and other equipment operating under the department of languages give a lot of chances to assimilate foreign language knowledge.

Traditionally student are certified with certificate and gifts by demonstrating their language knowledge in the eve of international conferences which are held every year by the university.

Students which would like to participate in the language courses have to be registered in dean’s office within a week beginning of semester.