Relations with Turkish higher education institutions

Bilateral double degree programs with EGE University

On April 8, 2019, Azerbaijan State Agriculture University and Ege University of the Republic of Turkey signed a protocol of intent at the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The protocol provides for negotiating bilateral diploma programs in line with the implementation of the State Program on Increasing International Competitiveness of the Education System in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2019-2023 that was approved by the Resolution of the country’s President. Based on mutual consent, the project implementation has started in the 2020-2021 academic year. The education process is being financed under the State Program and implemented within the curricula of Ege University. Diplomas will be issued every two years. The tuition is free of charge. Classes are taught in Turkish by visiting professors from Ege University.

ADAU also has cooperation relations with other Turkish universities like Ankara University, İstanbul University, On doqquz Mayis University, Ataturk University, Seljuk University, Firat University, Yuzuncu yil University, Agri Ibrahim Chechen University, Namik Kemal University, Igdır University, Gazi Osman Pasha University, Aladdin Keykubat University, etc. Faculty and student exchange with these universities is carried out within Movlana Exchange Program specifically designed for such exchange between Turkish and foreign universities.

Relations with European higher education institutions

ADAU has extensive cooperation with universities and research centers of Germany, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, France, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Switzerland, Norway, and other countries. This cooperation is carried out within the EU Erasmus+ project, which envisages large-size grants and a variety of activities in education, training, youth life, and sports and provides large-scale opportunities for graduate and postgraduate students and staff offering cooperation programs in education. This project supports individuals in education, cross-cultural learning, and personal development.

Relations with US higher education institutions

ADAU closely cooperates with Oklahoma State University, Texas A&M University, and Illinois State University. Cooperation includes the exchange of students and faculty, joint research, conferences, seminars, and training courses.

Within Oklahoma-Azerbaijan Agricultural Forum held in Oklahoma in the US on 6-8 November 2019, Azerbaijan State Agriculture University and Oklahoma State University signed a memorandum of understanding on agricultural cooperation. ADAU students and staff members, as well as the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Inam Kerimov, and others, attended the signing ceremony.

Within the partnership with Illinois University, ADAU’s planting and plant protection department’s postgraduate student and senior lecturer, Sahil Guliyev, attended a training course on plant protection. Oklahoma University’s professor and ADAU’s doctor emeritus Mohammad Babadoost is a visiting professor from the mentioned University.

To ensure compliance with international standards, the University staff under the guidance of Mohammad Babadoost developed an education program of plant protection specialty established in 2018 within Strengthening Agricultural Competitiveness Project implemented by Agriculture Development and Credit Agency at the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Head of the office of the US Agricultural Department and head of Risk Management Agency for Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin Swayne Voy, US embassy in Azerbaijan, Texas A&M University professor Steven Hauge and others visited ADAU.

Relations with higher education institutions of CIS

ADAU is an active member of the Council of Rectors of CIS agricultural universities, which held sessions in April 2013 and April 2017 at ADAU.

Currently, ADAU maintains an exchange of faculty and students with universities of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan. Also ADAU has an active relations with Ukrainian and Georgian higher education institutions.


Relations with higher education institutions in Asia

ASAU has relations with leading higher educational and research institutions of the People's Republic of China, South Korea, Japan, Pakistan, India.